Dem rep says his manufacturing bill would boost infrastructure spending

A Democratic House lawmaker says his bipartisan, bicameral bill to boost U.S. manufacturing would increase infrastructure spending, as President Trump works on a reported $1 trillion infrastructure package.

Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) said, the author of the "Make It In America Manufacturing Communities Act," told The Hill "infrastructure is a big part" of achieving manufacturing community status.

Last week, the Senate Commerce Committee reported out the companion to Cicilline’s bill, which would make permanent the two dozen currently designated manufacturing communities and give those communities preferential treatment for federal economic development funds.

Cicilline explained that the public/private partnerships in the manufacturing communities are directed to consider infrastructure "when they are working together, in addition to increasing exports and improving the supply chain, and skills development and job training."

"What are the infrastructure needs that are necessary to move goods and services that are produced in America? So, some of it is actually investment in roads and bridges, and broadband and all the things that manufacturers will need to successfully get their products to market," Cicilline says in an interview with The Hill's Molly K. Hooper.

Cicilline predicts his legislation will pass Congress and President Trump will sign it into law.

Watch the video above to hear the Rhode Island Democrat in his own words.