Report: GOP Senate candidate expanded golf course without permits, says Army Corps

Raese is the president of the Pikewood National Golf Club, near Morgantown. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered him to come up with a mitigation plan for the damage caused by the course's construction more than two years ago, AP says.

The report said that both Raese and the EPA declined to comment on the alleged violations.

More from AP:

Raese hinted at the problems with Pikewood last week while calling again for abolition of the EPA, suggesting during a Shepherdstown debate that the agency and the corps are trying to punish him. He accused the EPA of 'terrorizing business' and offered Pikewood — which he did not mention by name — as an example of valuable job creation.

Raese has consistently called for the abolition of regulations and several federal agencies, including the EPA, on the campaign trail.

His opponent, Manchin, has also opposed EPA regulations rolled out during President Obama's term in office, crossing the aisle to criticize the administration for what he and Republicans have called a "war on coal."

The Hill ranks the West Virginia race as “likely Democratic.”

Manchin, locked in a tough reelection fight, has sought to put distance between himself and Obama, declining to say whether he supports the president's reelection bid.