Pence on North Korea: 'It's time for them to behave'

Vice President Pence said it's time for North Korea "to behave; to listen to the world," set aside its nuclear ambitions "and be willing to join the family of nations" in an interview with CNN aired Monday.

Pence's comments come after a visit to Seoul, South Korea, and the Korean Demilitarized Zone. North Korea's deputy ambassador to the United Nations has implied that the Trump administration was creating a dangerous situation in which "thermonuclear war may break out at any moment."
North Korea attempted to launch a ballistic missile Sunday but failed, U.S. and South Korean military officials said. 

The vice president also told CNN's Dana Bash that "we've really moved beyond the era of strategic patience," which echoes the sentiment of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last week, who stated that "the policy of strategic patience" under former President Obama has ended.

"My presence here, which the president strongly urged even in this challenging time, is really to deliver that message. That we've really moved beyond the era of strategic patience," Pence said.

"We've moved beyond the failed dialogues of the past. And now we've moved into an era where President Trump is absolutely committed to marshaling the energy of the world community, of countries in the Asian Pacific, to use economic and diplomatic power to isolate North Korea and achieve the goal of the denuclearized Korean Peninsula." 

Trump warned on Monday that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has “gotta behave” when asked about the situation by a reporter at the annual White House Easter egg roll.