"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert reverted back to his former persona on "The Colbert Report" to share mock well wishes to Bill O'Reilly, following the news the Fox News host had been fired.

"It’s not that big of a surprise; we all saw this coming at us — like an old man cornering an intern in the break room," Colbert said to open his show Wednesday.

"Here's the thing: I owe a lot to Bill O'Reilly. I spent over nine years playing a character based largely on him. Then 12 months in therapy to de-bloviate myself," he said.

He then introduced O'Reilly sympathizer "Stephen Colbert," his "Colbert Report" character, a faux conservative pundit, who had a message to share via satellite to O'Reilly, who's battling sexual harassment allegations.

“Shame on you. You failed him. You failed Bill O’Reilly,” Colbert said in character. “You didn't deserve this great man. All he ever did was have your back. And if you’re a woman, you know, have a go at the front too.”


"And what? Suddenly sexual harassment is a crime?" Colbert asked. "But that's the country we live in now. Obama's Trump's America."

Colbert, out of character, then took a jab at President Trump.

"In case you’re a fan of sexual harassers who are on TV all the time — we still have Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpAssange meets U.S. congressman, vows to prove Russia did not leak him documents A history lesson on the Confederacy for President Trump GOP senator: Trump hasn't 'changed much' since campaign MORE.”

O'Reilly was fired from his Fox News show on Wednesday. "The O'Reilly Factor" has been the top-rated cable news show for the past 15 years. Tucker Carlson is moving into O’Reilly’s highly coveted 8 p.m. time slot.