Bill Maher has some advice for Democrats: Go low.

“What did Michelle ObamaMichelle ObamaMichelle Obama surprises Chance the Rapper with BET Awards video Michelle Obama holds fitness 'bootcamps' for friends Obama marks Father’s Day: ‘I'm most proud to be Sasha and Malia's dad’ MORE say?” the “Real Time” host asked, referring to the now-famous “When they go low, we go high” remark the former first lady made at last year’s Democratic National Convention.

“Yeah, f--- that,” Maher says with a chuckle in an interview from ATTN: and HBO that was released Wednesday. “When they go low, you go lower.”

Democrats, says the comedian, “need some bastards” in their party. “Some mean, Lyndon Johnson-y, you know, ‘I’m gonna out-f--- you on f---ing us,’ types,” Maher tells ATTN: Editor-in-Chief Matthew Segal.

Maher, a frequent critic of President Trump, blasted the commander in chief as a "conman" in the sit-down, dubbed the “State of the Union Interview.”

If he had to give Trump a letter grade, Maher says he’d “of course” give “an ‘F,’ because like even the things we thought might be good about Trump — like he’s not beholden to any ideology — yeah, but he turned out to just be a regular, right-wing down-the-line asshole.

“We cut your healthcare, corporations get blowjobs, whatever they want, right? You know, I don’t see anything that’s the maverick Trump.”

When asked how Trump “gets away with” breaking campaign promises to his voters, Maher replies, “Well, it’s early, that’s the hope.

“At some point, when the job doesn’t come back and they lose their healthcare — he ran as the bull in the china shop,” says Maher, “and they’re gonna find out that the china is them.”