Baldwin: 'I really feel sorry' for Trump
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He mocks him nearly every week on “Saturday Night Live,” but Alec Baldwin says a part of him pities President Trump.

“In a way, and I say this very sincerely, I really feel sorry for him,” the “30 Rock” alum says of Trump, in a cover story for The Atlantic’s May issue on Baldwin’s headline-making turn as the commander in chief.

“Because here’s a man — you look at anybody in life, where you see someone set out to do something, and he will achieve the exact opposite,” Baldwin, a Democrat and outspoken Trump critic, says. “He will have achieved the exact opposite of what he believed he was going to achieve when he set out to do this in the first place.”

But any sympathy Baldwin may feel toward Trump doesn’t prevent him from blasting the president, saying for his “SNL” impression, he must look as if he’s “trying to suck the wallpaper off the wall” and contort his mouth to resemble a “puckering butthole.”

Trump has targeted the 59-year-old performer, writing in an October tweet that the “Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks.” In December, Trump, 70, tweeted that the NBC sketch comedy show — which he had guest-hosted in 2015 — was “totally biased” and “the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse.”

“I honestly think you can mock all of these people, Democrat or Republican. It doesn’t matter who is in that office; they all open themselves up — some more than others, and in a different way than others,” Baldwin said in his interview with The Atlantic.

“But because of who he is, and what he brings and doesn’t bring in all ways to that job, Trump has opened himself up to a heretofore unseen level of this. He is being mocked on a level that just exceeds anything you’ve ever seen.”