Warren on Trump administration: 'God, it's like dog years'
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Sen. Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth WarrenWarren goes on tweetstorm over GOP ObamaCare repeal bill Warren: Dems should campaign on single-payer healthcare plan Senate Dems step up protests ahead of ObamaCare repeal vote MORE (D-Mass.) is urging Democrats to focus on combatting the Trump agenda, lamenting that he's been in the White House for less than 100 days.  

"Donald TrumpDonald TrumpDemocrats target Trump's border wall in defense bill debate Obama ethics czar: Trump fundraiser at his DC hotel ‘illegal’ Trump trolling of Comey — Not presidential MORE has only been here, not even 100 days yet — God, it's like dog years or something, it feels like so much has gone on. We've got to get focused on what we're going to do in the next week, in the next month. This man is truly dangerous," she said. 
Warren — who joined the Senate in 2013 and quickly became a liberal favorite — details in her new book why she decided against running in 2016.
She's up for reelection to her Senate seat next year and is expected to run for a second term.
Questioned on if she regrets not running last year, Warren said what she regrets is that Trump is president "full stop, right there. ... [But] he is and we've just got to go forward."
Warren normally doesn't speak with reporters in the Capitol. But she's become one of the caucus's most vocal critics of Trump on social media and has been using the Senate floor to denounce his policies and comments. 
She added in her USA Today interview that Democrats need to pick their battles with Trump, including avoiding responding to every social media post from the Twitter-friendly president. 
"On the one hand, you've got to be in the fight, but ... you can't shoot at everything that moves," she said. "We cannot engage Donald Trump on every crazy 3 a.m. tweet." 
She added that Democrats need to "kind of pick your shots — even though he's everywhere, all the time — and really fight back on the things that matter."